Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Where have we gone...

Nope we are still very much here just not around on the Ye Ole Blog as much. Between the 2 weeks of snow knocking us out of our routine plus me being sick - my motivations to blog are quite low.

Also, it is that time of year again. The time of year which requires a decision to be made about where E will go to school next year. The thought of making the decision is absolutely crazy. I feel like the weight of the world is on top of me and I cannot escape it. Probably because I don't want us to make the 'wrong' choice. The thoughts are all consuming and haunt me throughout the day.

Catholic school or homeschool.

I cannot believe I actually typed it because a year ago homeschooling was not an option. Or at least I didn't think it was. Now, I feel like I am almost being dared to try homeschooling for a year but there are so many things I think E would like about going to 'regular' school. But does that justify being gone for 8 hours a day?

I think we could be happy at the Catholic school but I don't want to settle.

I know that homeschooling will be challenging. It will require tons of discipline on my part to have lessons prepped and to stick to schedules.

Right now we continue to pray for a sign that will show us where to go. I think if someone else would make this decision for us then I'd be happy either way knowing it is what God wants us to do.

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  1. Do you guys have any sort of co-op around you? I feel like the fact that we have Atrium for the big kids once a week makes me feel a lot less guilty about what they might be "missing" at "real" school... Not that we'd bother sending Cecilia to preschool, but they really do thrive with that little bit of structure, and a co-op would provide that as well!

    1. If we end up homeschooling we will likely do Classical Conversations. Do y'all have a CC group up your way? They are super popular around here. There are a couple homeschooling families in our neighborhood and that's what they use - and really like it.

  2. Hey! This is Betsy's sister, Kate in WF. Your family is so cute!! I feel like I've gotten to know you all a bit from your blog. We homeschool..it's the right fit for us overall...I did feel badly not doing preschool or fun grade K outside of the home, but there was never anything close enough or affordable so that helped with the discernment...we did Catholic Schoolhouse for 2 years...now all 4 (ages 8, 7, 5, and 2 1/2) are at home...each year is different...but our goal is Heaven and we will persevere...and I trust that God will fill in the cracks! There's pros and cons to all things in life...and remember ALL families are homeschooling families...you've been teaching each daughter from birth already...and you and your husband will always be their first and most important teachers in the areas of faith and morals...and I think of the parents who help their kids with hours of homework each night...lots of homeschooling going on...be at peace and know it will be OK...the very hardest moment for me was when my eldest didn't go off to traditional kindergarten...but now it's easier...I sometimes think of all they are missing, but it's better to think of all I am giving them...and I'm glad they aren't being exposed to some things I was in elementary school...but I have friends who do public, Catholic, charter, homeschoo...and sometimes one family is even doing several of those at any given year for different children and different reasons...pray hard, seek guidance, then trust that our Father will answer your prayers! He knows what is best for each child's soul and the parents, too! I won't comment much, but I'll keep checking on your blog...maybe I'll bump into you at IBT again this year? :)

    1. Thanks for your comment and perspective!

      Making the right decision is so hard, because you want what is best for your kids. I just want to make the 'best decision' for my kids, you know?

      So we continue to pray that we are making the right/best decision for our kids and I suppose that's about all we can do.

      I won't be at IBT this year : ( A friend is having a baby shower that day so I'm going to that plus the kid policy there drives me absolutely INSANE! If you're looking for some pierogi or kielbasa my husband will be there at our church's booth : )

      Thanks for stopping by!