Wednesday, August 10, 2016

7QTs - Catching up

Just trying to play a bit of catch up!


I think this guy right here might be the happiest that summer swimming season is over

No more hot, humid late afternoons at the weekly swim meets. We still need to enjoy the pool a few more times... ever since there hasn't been practice we haven't been at all!


R asked that I take a pic of her and her wings...

I think she is going to miss E the most in the afternoon once she realizes her playmate will be at school.

Speaking of school... E took her class pet home from school and will have to turn him loose with the new kindergarteners. I think she's going to have some separation anxiety because Fidget has traveled the world with us this summer. The beach. To Grammys. To Jibbe's every week. Could be a tearful departure. 

Also speaking of school, E and R have been (not-so) diligently getting their summer workbooks done. R isn't totally motivated to do it and I could be expecting way too much out of her and her letters soooooooo.... and E is not thrilled about 'all the writing' BUT sorry. Don't care. The bar is set high around here and those things will be finished and appropriate completion prizes will be doled out at the proper time. 


The kids have fallen into some rough times around here... 

This is A after he climbed/fell out of his crib (it hadn't been lowered yet). Papa immediately lowered it. You see what happened was, A was napping and then I heard him fuss and cry a little but I was in the middle of doing laundry so I didn't get him immediately and then I didn't hear him again so I figured maybe he went back to sleep? But then 10 minutes passed and I thought I should go check on him and then I couldn't open the door because he was RIGHT THERE on the floor! 

He could have gotten way hurt so his guardian angel was certainly looking out for him

Speaking of guardian angels... 

M has been putting hers to the test. One of those is from falling down the steps inside (which has since been gated for A's sake). The other I'm not quite sure but she and R have a tendency to RUN into walls because they go 1000 miles a minute. I am quite convinced M will be the first to fall down the brick steps in the back because despite my shouts and pleas to HOLD ON TO THE RAILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... she doesn't do it


Our mushrooms are back again this year!

Not quite a complete fairy ring like last year but still equally gross and interesting - I won't let the kids knock them down because I want to see how big they'll get!

This year they are growing in clusters... 


E finally got to go to Lego camp after begging for a year (last year they canceled it)

She didn't tell me a whole lot about what they did because she says I have to wait to see the pictures she took (on the disposable camera - please explain a one-time use camera to a 6 yr old)

I did get to camp early one day to see what they were up to

I think she'd go to Lego Camp every week of the summer if she could 


Let's see other scenes from around the casa...

They dressed themselves - I promise!

Crawling around with A

They've been having a blast playing with this 'Live Baby' at the neighbors house. It cries, it pees and the girls think it is awesome

E was super into it but REFUSED to hold her because she was afraid of getting peed on : ) 


With the school year looming we made a trial run to school. It was way easier than last summer because I knew what times to set the timer for and everyone remembered what the morning rat race felt like... But their reward was going to play

A thoroughly enjoyed the slide

E and R made my heart stop a few times!

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