Saturday, August 13, 2016

Inquisitive Minds are Bound to Ask

Everyone's been thinking it and some people are asking it...

'When's the next one coming?'

'So you are done having kids, right?'

'Is number three five on the way?'

'How are you going to fit five kids in the van?'

'You actually want more kids?'

The list could go on about whether or not and when there may or may not be bebe #5. Though it seems like the 'more kids topic' has come up at least once a week for the past month or so - and back in July it came up twice in 24 hours.

It kind of had me looking over my shoulder, like, are you talking to me? Do I look pregnant to you? Well maybe that's not a fair question because this baby weight from A is no joke. But you get the point. Why are so many people curious about more babies? And why are so many people forthcoming with asking?

It probably a sign of the times. It is  time when babies comes into conversation and I generally get way more than I bargain for and find out entirely more than I care to know about that person's sex life and birth control etc etc etc. When it is become socially acceptable to boldly proclaim this stuff?

So when people ask if there are more Kibbes on the way I try and steer clear of the bedroom and remain honest and open about the possibility of more kids.

Honestly - Yes we are open to having more kids. We believe that every child is a blessing. But we have no idea if we will be blessed with another child. We realize that life is not a given. There are hundreds of couples who love to have more children or even a child - but it just isn't happening and that is a sad and scary thought and we should pray for those people who struggle with infertility.

Open - Being open to new life in today's world is a challenge. Openness means sacrifice to one's self and that is hard but I am quite sure it is worth it. Openness isn't a guarantee but it is putting yourself out there saying okay God, it's about Your will and not mine.

I don't think anyone will deny that raising a child is super tough especially with the pressure to put your kid in 2500 activities plus make sure they go to a top tier university. BUT our goal as parents should be helping our children along their journey towards heaven. The decisions that parents have to make about schooling, activities, boundaries... all of it isn't easy. Having kids molds us and shapes us and challenges us that way we can mold, shape and challenge our kids to be the best person they can be.

So when is the next Kibbe coming? - I don't know.

Do we actually want more kids? - Sure

How will we fit 5 carseats in the minivan? - I have no idea

But some way, some how it will all work out... On God's time. Not ours.

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