Monday, August 22, 2016

7QTs - All Things End of Summer

Here we go... 


M likes to use lidless cups... 

Especially when she is not the one cleaning up the mess so lidless cups for her outside ONLY. I think she did this on a day when Lee woke me up as he was leaving and told me M was at the table eating and everyone else was in bed... #bestwaytostartamorning


E FINALLY finished her 1st grade workbook. It was doozy. I don't recommend trying to complete it section-by-section because that reading comprehension section was insane. I am quite sure she sat at the table for 2.5 hours and got through about 14 pages (because she'd get distracted or would complain 75% of the time but still). Next year a page from each colored section... 

So she traded in the workbook for a Lego set.

And within 20 minutes of it being built, it was taken back. I don't know what got into her for a few days last week but some kind of self-centeredness that was crazy. I mean how do you communicate to a 6-yr-old - the world doesn't revolve around you and you need to be halfway nice (if not 100% nice) to your sibs and you aren't entitled to do stuff. 

It was a long few days but we got through it and I have given back some of the Lego set but my dresser still has a part or two up there. 


On to lighter subjects...

A is super cute and trying out all 25 million of his teeth that he got overnight

Seriously I think he has 6. He enjoyed knowing on the watermelon and swishing it around for a minute and splitting in out

And then repeating the process! : ) 


My patience for E's behavior may have had something to do with the explosion of events from 2 days before

Our day... Laid out on our kitchen table

First up was swimming evaluation for year round swimming. And she wanted me to be there so we made a party out of it and brought the whole gang. Basically E wanted to throw the towel in on soccer : ( and has been saying she wants to do swimming this year. More on that later but we are letting her give it a try. 

Then R did a quick change in the locker room to get ready for her 1st tee ball (but she thinks it is baseball) practice. Batting 0 for 2 on soccer this season : ( : ( 

E and A went with Papa and M was stuck with us in the heat

She was super cute and not so much into batting but was quite good at throwing and even didn't cry when she got a ball to the face no (there was a collective gasp from the parents - you know being the only girl, even I thought there'd be a tear shed but no harm, no foul)

She couldn't decide if she wanted to hold onto her hat or her pants since both were falling down 

She had a good time and I was happy for her 

Then after tee ball we ran home and loaded up on fruit and E and R and I headed to a skate rink for a birthday parties for their friends from way back. They had a great time and both girls braved the rink but I think they had more fun on the indoor play area. 

THEN, we shot out of the party and Lee and company met us for an End-of-Summer-Party hosted by some friends they've known since before preschool. It was a blast. I'm so glad that our kids stay in touch with friends from MMO and preschool even though they are at different schools now or in different classes!


The girls have been having a blast outside (when they can because it is so humid and hot and sticky)

I'm not going to say I'm ready for fall but I am ready to be able to go outside and feel like I can breathe. 


So tis the season I suppose... 

This fall is bound to the loco with swimming, tee ball, AHG, school, Bible Study and soccer (M is playing with the 3s because she wanted to and I wanted to coach because I kind of enjoy it : ) 


Tomorrow is the dawn of the school year for us. I know I am in a totally different place with our schooling decision. I am at peace and it feels great. I am not an emotional, hormonal, pregnant mess. I know the parents in her class and they are awesome. I know the kids in her class and they are great. I can't say I'm ready for summer to end but I can say I'm good when it is time for school to start. 

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