Friday, August 26, 2016

7QTs - End of Summer Catch Up

Just want to clear the summer air... 


Little A... 

Currently, he loves eating banana, cheese sticks, and puffs. He's fine with pretty much every baby food I give him... I usually mix it with rice cereal to thicken it up. When he eats goldfish he swishes them around his mouth and spits it out and then it falls in his bib and then a few minutes later he'll dig it out of his bib and finish it off!


Oh and I gave him his first Oreo : ) 

I think he liked it...

I like him : ) 


Speaking of hims... 

I like these hims

They are cute : ) 


White Transfiguration Pizza

We had white pizza to celebration the Transfiguration earlier this month. It is AWESOME. I think we've ordered it at least one more time if not two. 


The conference swim meet was almost a month ago...

R did great!

I didn't get a pic of E (????) because I was videoing her races. She was less than a stroke away from first in backstroke! (the camera gets a little bouncy in that race : ) 

Future Nash Rec swimmer?

Sure why not?


Papa's birthday was the day after the swim meet but we celebrated early... 

4 of 6 is not bad for our crowd

The Y is there... Promise

: )

So much excitement!



We survived the start of school and another birthday this week. Maybe I'll blog about it before Christmas : ) 

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