Wednesday, October 12, 2016

To the birthday boy

To A - the boy I'd never thought I'd have

A, I don't think I really wrapped my mind around the idea that there would be any Kibbe boys in this family. Your Papa and I were quite convinced it would be Pinktown for life. But you can and changed all that. 

You screamed for the first hour and a half of your life - like the nurse had to come stand at the bed and speak to me because I couldn't her her over your howling. You howled yesterday around the same time range when I was putting you to round o nap part 2. You aren't much of a snuggler or a rocker anymore except in the morning. You love your Nini and your paci and your Eeyore. You know when its time for bed and you get really antsy and don't want to get in but you don't cry too much. 

When you are not asleep you can probably be found crawling through the house chewing on or tearing apart or drooling on and occasionally playing with various things. You like to play with the trash can foot-push. You like to play in the red car outside. You like to play with the doorstops and listen to them vibrate. You have climbed tables and chairs and on the fireplace - which is hilarious and terrifying. You love going into the bathroom and staring down the potty and sometimes sticking your hand in it! You don't like being contained but you cry at my feet if I'm not holding you. 

When you cry, I usually put you in your highchair to eat. You love bananas and cheese and pumpkin muffins. LOVE THEM. You're not a huge fan of hot dogs or plain Cheerios but your Papa says it's because that's all I gave you for several weeks when you started eating food. You wrapped up nursing when you were about 9 months old. Right before all your teeth came in; you lost some of your baby look when all SIX came in at one time. 

Your big sisters adore you but you don't let them hold you too much. You like it when they crawl around on the floor with you. You chase them around and you think it is funny. They like pushing you on the swing and E took you for some rides down the slide the other day - you were a fan. You like going to school - you didn't at first. Your screamed and screamed and screamed. They even put you in a different room because they thought you didn't like the room. But now, you happily take a break from me in the mornings. 

You are so different than your sisters the difference is so vast. Your papa and I talk about it often. You are just louder, more destructive and a little stinkier than them - and that's okay Little Boy. You're a keeper. 

Much love


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