Monday, February 27, 2017

7QTs - Glasses, Dates, Cakes

Linking up with Kelly and the usuals...


My kids love wearing glasses...

Working on Valentines

Working on the dishes : )


The there was the Daddy Daughter Dance which E and R talked about for days and then when it came down to it I didn't thinkR would actually go. 

She had to wear the dress she wanted to wear and not match

M felt a little left out but cheesy bread and Cat in the Hat helped keep her at bay

So very excited 

Ever so skeptical


Papa and I took the big girls to see Little Mermaid ballet (thanks Grammy) and they really liked it. 

The sea witch was definitely creepy and the ending was not the same as Ariel the Little Mermaid - which was interesting. There was an intermission at which we thought we could leave but then there was bunch of short 'real' ballet dances for about 28 minutes... Everyone except E was ready to leave so we stayed. 


Then after all that... 

I made R's cake for her birthday party. It certainly beat paying $25-$40 for a store cake. Maybe I'll get around to posting something about the party : )


This is me 'making' my child go to swim practice...

So here is the deal... you want to go to the swim meet out of town. You need to practice. You definitely need to go on the day the form is due. You sit and argue with me and Papa for 10 minutes about how you don't want to go to practice but you want to go to the meet - which don't jive. I leave to go swim. You run me down and get in the car upset that I'm 'making' you go to swim practice. Riiiiiiight


I was leisurely going through Target one night and saw this...

and I wanted to buy the whole display because it looked super fun but then I thought better of it. 


Out of all the Valentine's Day candy this girl acquired what does she pick for dessert... 

A mystery Dum-Dum. No lies. I had to take a pic for photographic evidence. We need to discuss sweet-tooth priorities : ) 

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  1. Such a beautiful family!! Congratulations on the new baby coming, too!