Sunday, April 23, 2017

So This Is Saturday Mornings in the Spring

Yesterday was wildly crazy normal. Papa had to work because my prayers to St. Joseph are proving to be quite effective. Work is busy for him. So, so, so busy. I think last year he was able to not work a Saturday until May but this year is different. Usually things get a bit more manageable right after Memorial Day but I'm betting on 4th of July but with seasonal work is feast or famine and there is some serious feasting we need to be thankful for.

Soooooooooo...... that means me and the kids holding down the fort with the usual Saturday laundry situation (we got a jump start Friday night) plus all this:

E was reading to everyone while I bustled around for the final leave-the-house-countdown because

We were heading to the pediatrician...

A had a fever on Pascha and was kind of irritable all week but not feverish so we got his ears checked because last time he had an ear infection and I had no idea

We rolled into the walk in clinic and were the first ones seen and one Rx later, whatever was in his ear should be taken care of - could have been the start of an ear infection or the end of one. 

Then we jetted off from there to R's 9:30 tee ball game...

Which we were surprisingly early for #winning. I had been helping with the batting order but I think I might have to gracefully retire from that if Lee cannot make the games because A was a WRECK the last 1.5 innings (oh and there are only 3 innings). He was literally - LITERALLY - laid out on the grass screaming. He didn't want snack, water, passie, anything. Nothing. He was still screaming when we got to the van. Mysteries abound. Nerves shot. 

Next stop Sam's...

We made it through in decent time and we didn't forget A's Rx. #winning . 

Vans without trunks are confusing... We made it home with approximately 23 minutes to unload and eat lunch and go potty and get out the door in time for E's soccer game. We literally left with food on the table and thank goodness the field is 3 minutes from our house because well you know how we roll. 

E played goalie and scored a goal. Her team looked like rockstars compared to the last game. R and M collected rocks and A crushed up Cheetz. 

This is what I walked into around 1:45. I was thankful Lee wasn't home yet because there were dinner, breakfast and lunch dishes that all needed to be contended with. 

Plus some nonperishable groceries. A napped and the girls stayed out because it was either outside or rest. It was hot so I told them they could turn on the sprinkler when Papa got home. 

5 gallons of milk and a few other thinks later... 

Papa finally got home after I was asked about a million times so he cut the grass and the sprinkler was turned on for the 1st time this year

A was not terribly happy about it

But inquisitive minds will be blasted with ice cold sprinkler water

And that was one successful Spring Saturday for the books.... We shall see what is in store for us over the next several weekends : ) 

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