Thursday, September 7, 2017

First Days of Schools

We are now into week three of school but here how the first few days looked:

Welcome to 2nd grade

Probably the best group pic to date

Proof I was there

Welcome to K

Gracious she looks older!

She went a day later than E for orientation and was nervous about not knowing anyone in her class

The girls behaving for a group pic

Good old little bro added to the mix

E's expression say it all when it comes to my 'now please smile and take a nice picture request' 

A mom + a kindergartener + her sibs + microbus

Welcome to 3 yr old class 

M's hair looks really thin... I cannot figure out why

Again the required group pic

Preschool friends meeting up for a first I survived the first week of school pic

Yay Mass Day with jumpers and flag - E wanted her pic with the flag and she's been singing the National Anthem a lot these days

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