Saturday, September 15, 2018

7QTs - Books, Leaves, Soccer

Linking up with Kelly ... surviving Flo


We had some fun with C last Friday

Getting ready for that hairband

And thinking about walking



A and C need their outside time. NEED IT



The games have begun. M and the Grasshoppers were victorious in their first game. I love game like this because we were winning pretty handily and M and another girl on the team had not scored yet so the second half of the game, the goal was to help the two girls score - and that goal was met. It was great. 

Sunday the big girls went to a soccer clinic in the afternoon with the local professional team and college team. It was long and hot but I was proud of them for seeing it through - especially R who doesn't even really play soccer. 

A had his very first soccer ever. He is the second from the left - me and C are the first to the left. A's team has a really good player who 'gets it'. This is really important for 3 yr old soccer because you need a good leader of the pack around the ball. A and his friend had a ball. They kicked and they ran and they sat down but they were on the field for the full 16 minute game. No goals scored but he wasn't super concerned. 


M had to do some work for her family tree

She got tried of cutting leaves out... sorry kid, you got a bunch of peeps in your family


A is wild

He is currently sporting a black eye after running into M's bed. He cried. Put some ice on it and then RAN to the mirror to check out the tattoo. He never slows down and he doesn't realize if he'd slow down just a bit - he'd get hurt less frequently. 



Love them!


Hurricane Flo 

It has been an interesting week here. The early part of the week it looked pretty bad for us in the Mount. The hurricane path was coming for us. Well that changed and instead of getting pummeled with a hurricane we got rain, wind and one tornado warning that required a quick trip to the little bathroom with my favorite people. 

There was no school Thursday or Friday. Thursday was more of a prep day so E had swim practice - yay for out of the house activities and A tagged along. Then we shot to the library and picked out a few books. 

Lee made coffee cake on Friday morning. It was awesome. The power flickered one or twice and then I filled up the bath tub a bit more (hello flushing toilets with a well) and wondered if Lee would be hooked up the generator that he rented Wednesday afternoon. Tuesday things didn't look good here so on a whim I called our equipment rental place and they had generators! Who knew?!?!? That was a big wife win but thank goodness we did not need it. 

There's a LOT of people who are in really terrible positions so prayers for them

We've done lots of reading (R is almost done with her reading book!), work booking, Lego building and playing. We ventured out today for a short walk to nix the cabin fever. 

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