Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hasta La Vista Summer

We had a pretty fun Labor Day weekend which I guess is the unofficial end of the summer. 

End of the summer? 

: ( 

We headed to a baseball game 

With some friends which meant the kids had extra wiggle room to roam around with their friends - which was great. 

After the game there were fireworks - which I think was A's first fireworks up close that he can remember 

Typical E

It was a gorgeous night and as the fireworks were going off it kind of hit me that it was really the end of a great summer. (insert tear)

R really enjoyed the show even though they were loud. 

Monday we went to the pool for one last dip

and popsicles

There were some crazy bee/bug things buzzing EVERYWHERE

Oh and there were hotdogs too

No teeth!

The last dinner of summer we had Jibbe and Grammy and Grandpa Joe over for Lee's grilled goodness. It was a great end to a great summer. 

Oh and s'mores too

We had a really fun summer. I was playing tug-o-war with myself of ready to dive into all the school stuff and summer. It is an awkward couple weeks between the start of school and the end of summer. So I guess we are all into fall but swim team, beach trips, late nights, lazy days... we will miss you!

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