Thursday, February 20, 2020

Eight is GR8

That grin!

R turned eight the other day. We had her party over the weekend. She requested spaghetti and meatballs - which was a crowd pleaser! She chose to invite her friend from preschool even though they aren't in school together anymore because she said - they're still best friends.

She doesn't love being the center of attention : ) 

So we ate and R opened her presents - Legos, American Girl stuff, Barbie stuff, a scooter, an art project and an art kit! - all everything she really really likes.

Then it was time for birthday cake (made by Grammy)

On her actual birthday R requested waffles for breakfast - another crowd pleaser!

Dinner that night was tacos (her next favorite dinner after meatballs) and leftover cake which she had one piece of her piece that she didn't finish and she wouldn't let me throw it away 'because it's too good to waste it'

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