Thursday, February 20, 2020

Valentime's Day 2020

Valentine's Day this year has come and gone

Lee and I went out the night before and I grabbed heart donuts on the way home for in the AM

They were a hit

The girls got their flowers 

to go with the donuts 

and A and J got balloons : ) 

Then came the class party sugary goodness

ALL OF IT.. the big girls had a half day so EVERYTHING was unloaded and looked over all at the same time 

My first Valentine : ) who had to go to the doctor for a check up and shots : ( Also, we did cards at the end of the day because I still am getting up when the kids get up (instead of getting up earlier to have time to collect my self/thoughts/life) and wouldn't you know I could not find the crazy Valentine's Day cards I had bought just the day before and put my hands on that morning!!!!!!!!

Infuriating people I tell you! And just for the record I still haven't found them. So thank goodness for blank cards I got for writing E letters at camp over the summer! Once I find those cards I'll be all set for next year!

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