Friday, February 19, 2021

It’s a great day to be NINE

A few days ago R turned nine!

She requested pizza for her party because we had eaten tons of spaghetti the week before and mac and cheese for her actual bday because well it was Cheesefare week.  

E made her cake and it was great! They are working on the cake decorating badge in AHG so E was thrilled to put those skills to the test! She almost spelled Rs name wrong but did a few little corrections and it was good to go.

R was super hard to shop for because she never really said he wanted anything other than headphones. The siblings sparked more American Girl playing with there gift and she FINALLY got some books to read from us - as well some other neat things from friends and family. 

R is still the most laid back - except when she’s not and whatever it is means the world is ending. She is sweet with her younger siblings and probably tolerates Cs antics better than the rest of us. She is often the last one up on the weekends and marches the the beat of her own drum in the mornings - very particular about how and when things are done. Rs nose can often be found in a book and she is completely zoned into the book and zoned out of everything else. She has taken to swimming and I’ve heard lots of hard work praise from her coaches.

She is our pink-loving, second child who is just what our family needs.

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