Friday, February 12, 2021

Seven Quick Takes - Jumping into 2021

Linking up with Kelly ... first time in 2021


The Christmas tree finally came down... 

I hate to see it go but it was time and we were home for the Snow Day so we had some extra time on our hands. I would like to say it was my favorite tree and maybe it is in some ways. But it was really stressful getting it, we didn't have a fun family story - but we still have a good story, and it was definitely broke the cheap-tree bank. 


C is packed and ready to go... 

She is forever talking about going to her friend's house and having a sleepover so every so often she packs her treasures in anticipation of a sleepover that will never happen. Though we have promised them a playdate at the park when the weather decides to get warm and not monsoon!


Wacky Day!

A's class had wacky day and he loves going all out for it. He decided he didn't want his hair in pigtails like last year so we borrowed some gel from our neighbors (gag!) and spiked it. Wacky Days from years past... 2020 - which I never posted I guess because it was the week COVID hit but now I'll have to go back and find the pics, 2019, 20192018, 20172015, 2014, 2014,  2013



Lee made homemade pizzas before Lent started. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. We are so spoiled. 

E (and Papa) made R's bday cake. It was also a huge hit. 


Sunday is Valentine's Day, so you know what that means...  

I can't say doing Valentine's is my favorite activity. Actually it is one that tries all my motherly patience especially because we do the pencil ones which easily break when stuffing the pencils in the slots. 

A had to write his name on all the Valentines for practice. He only got a little frustrated...  

I think he got progressively more frustrated as the writing continued. But I can see all 6 letters : ) 


A set up this during rest...

I'm still finding army guys in my room - some broken and some still in good working order. 


This guy...  

He's so cute. He got a few molar teeth this week and them woke up at 3 am one morning ready to play. He and Papa were watching This Old House by 4 and A wasn't far behind!

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