Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Just Because - kids and cups

Raise your hand if you love plastic cups. 

Raise your hand if you love all the dishwasher space they take up.

Raise your hand if your kid(s) ask/want/need a new plastic cup for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and outside 

We finally kicked the can on all the plastic cups a while back. I couldn’t stand it. Everyone needed a cup every meal and some people - Lady C looking at you - would take them outside and they’d get buried in the sandbox and put in the dishwasher 25 days later and there’d be dirt and sand in the dishwasher. People would lobby for pink or green or orange and they took up gobs of dishwasher space and cabinet space.

I asked for 10 oz Yeti tumblers for MY bday because I was totally fed up with the cup situation. 

It was one of the most practical gifts I’ve asked for in my 30+ years of gift receiving.

I had someone cut out each kid’s initial in their favorite color. Each kid has one cup and one lid. It is glorious. I wished I had done it years ago. Cups are rinsed or washed after each meal depending on the contents and there’s no fighting and if you can’t find you cup - you better go remember where you left it.

Now we only use the plastic cups for friends or to get ice to pour into water bottles for school or sports.

If you have frequent plastic cup users and it bugs the mess out of you like it did me and Lee - save your pennies, get each kid a Yeti, put their name on it and BAM. Once less annoying thing in your life : )


  1. This is a great idea! We mostly use mason jars, but we definitely have a decent amount of plastic cups, too...

    1. I’d be afraid of Mason jars getting dropped and breaking!