Monday, February 1, 2021

Just Because... the casa

So it has begun... nearly a year to the week that we were dared by our friends to put an offer in on a ridiculous foreclosure - which we did not do, the work - finally - started on phase one of the reno. We aren’t doing the kitchen or the master (looking at you master bath) but we think if we ever did phase 2 then we might actually have the space available to not have to move out. 

The cost issue of doing both together was the driving factor in the decision to divide but also there’s no way we could have lived here - with all the kids - without the entire back of our house and a kitchen for several months.

So when it’s all said and done - whenever that may be -

1. the chapel will be downstairs right next to the garage so no more traipsing upstairs across the boobytrapped playroom every morning to pray. And if you can’t believe we are making room decisions in our house based on a home chapel, I’d dare you to start praying (with or without kids) every morning. Setting aside the extra five minutes and making a point and doing it. In the beginning it is hard and annoying and there’s not time but I promise once you get in a groove and find a rhythm then your day will not feel right without it. Our prayer time is not silent and I routinely ask the kids if they are actually taking some time and talking to God and some days it doesn’t feel worth it but I know it is. 

2. Papa’s office will be freed up to give the big girls a lair upstairs. Hopefully that won’t turn into a huge deal project but I really want them to have some fun sleeping space.

3. The kids will have a study/library/reading space because we have so many books and I don’t foresee homework getting done at the kitchen table forever. 

4. The laundry will be a dedicated room with functional storage and places to fold and racks to hang - instead of on the shower curtain rod.

5. The pantry should be pretty awesome

I’m excited but I’m not getting over excited or impatient because to me all of this should have been done by Christmas last year because I clearly have no idea how construction and permitting and stuff actually works. All in due time and grateful this door opened 

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  1. I love that you are basing your decisions around your chapel!!

  2. Best wishes for your renovation! Hope it goes smoothly and quickly. (Coming from Rosie's linkup)

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