Sunday, October 21, 2012

All around Mom's weekend

Props to Papa for this past weekend - it was one for the books!

A. Friday night - Mom friend and I went out to dinner. First went to Talbots and make a few exchanges, then settled for The Grill in the Mount - because Outback is way too loud. It seriously took us about 1.5 glasses of wine and 45 minutes just to order our entrees! Of course the main topic of conversation - the girls and the papas. Good night

B. Saturday afternoon/evening - First time Papa is on dinner and bath duty ALONE with the girls. Only mishap was E dumped an entire bottle of shampoo in her bath. I went to Raleigh-world to retrieve E's Christmas present - its a Pottery Barn kitchen and it is pretty darn cool. Then after seeing my dad and bro it was off to the Hill for a little Newman reunion. It was surreal driving back through Chapel Hill in the minivan, thinking about how different life is four years later. Good night all around there too!

C. Lee did steaks on the grill for dinner tonight - they were awesome! I did have to all Nash County Animal Control because there were 3 dogs roaming around the backyard. Seriously I don't know these dogs and I have little kids so I doubt anything will come of the call.

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