Tuesday, October 16, 2012

September Update

Vote for me @ Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog DirectoryIts a long time coming and I have not even done August yet but here goes...

The month started off with our annual family trip to DC for the Middle Eastern food festival. We left at 5:30 in the AM Saturday instead of driving late Friday afternoon and it was awesome. Lee loaded the car and I got the girls changed and in the car and we were off. Lee drove and we slept until 8ish. We stopped for a semi-quick breakfast at Cracker Barrel and we were off to the Metro stop. We ventured the DC Metro to get to Arlington National Cemetery - which my paternal grandparents are buried. We visited their grave and the skies did not look nice so we strapped our National Mall plan and headed straight for the Middle Eastern food. Questionable decision because it was smack in the middle of the dreaded nap time. We survived. Stayed for vespers and then headed to the hotel. We got R situated in the pack and play- hotel cribs creep my out a bit. We settled in with E for the long haul. I think Lee threatened to leave a handful of times. E was out of her element and getting to sleep was no easy task. We saw some friends the next morning at church and then headed over to my Aunt and Uncles for dinner Sunday - which has become another fun tradition! Monday was off to the Nats game. I thought the tickets I got were alot better than I thought - still really annoyed so not going there. Seats were great and the girls... were ready to go so we only made it to the sixth inning. We were home by 7 so all in all it was a success and we'll probably keep it up!

Lee's favorite stop on the Metro

Sister love

Good pic of R

Good pic of E

Good Morning!


Go Nats!!!

Fam-me pic

Let's play ball!

View from our seats


Presidential Race

So tired

Yummy popcorn
 R is loving food... morning, noon and night. I am not even sure what she should be eating at 7-8 months... I am so behind but Cheerios are safe!

 Pancakes on the first day of preschool! E LOVES her two-yr old class. She was so very excited to go and wants to go every day.

 R is also excited about the morning activities

R is a sitter now. E is still really rough with R and I hear a few bangs when E runs to R and gives her a squeeze and lets go. Also we have had some sharing issues. E will run up to R and say 'Awwww Sweetheart' and take the toy. There is some intervention and the occasion tear.



Sitting is super exciting

Oh my goodness!!!


Bottle holder

 No she is not rolling over and sitting up yet. Her hair remains OUT OF CONTROL!

 E has gotten super into dress up. Please note the skirt and dress.

Trying on the cow costume and playroom disaster area

We are matching!
E loves matching R. Can you tell?

Choke hold?

The sisters are so cute together and R stares E down all the time and she is such a little sponge so I cannot wait to see them together. Gah!!!!!!! They are soooo cute!!!!!!!!

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