Monday, October 22, 2012

To Pack or Not To Pack...

I am having a small packing dilemma. Arctic temps have arrived to NC - well that was a bit of a hyperbole but still it is cold - so no more summer clothes. So I need to get the girls clothes sorted out but we have this sweet trip that is jet setting us to a tropical island before the end of the year so....

Do I

1. Pack up all the summer stuff and break it out when it comes time to pack for the trip
2. Pack the girls suitcase now and be done with it
3. Leave the summer clothes mixed in until the trip and then take them out?

I am kind of leaning toward option 2 but IDK... Thoughts?

Also, I have to pack for a feast day we are missing during the trip. Don't worry I won't tell you what it is because then someone might send burglars to our house and give our alarm system a run for its money. Don't worry I have full faith and confidence in its police calling, blow your ears out ringing abilities : )

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