Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Grind and a Milestone

I have the unfortunate tendency to get frustrated with work stuff every so often. I know everyone probably does but seriously you don't know the extent of the flexible-ness of my jobs. As I sit here waiting for an answer to an email I just sent to a shipping company in China - I remember that despite all the frustration with my jobs I am fortunate to A. have a job, two in fact and B. have employers who are willing to let me be a mom and an employee - something that no monetary value can be put on. I love the set up I have with the girls going to MMO/Preschool in the AM and working from home in the afternoons. It is pretty darn great.

Speaking of MMO, guess who is making her first appearance tomorrow... Yes little R is going to do a few trial runs at MMO over the next two weeks so she can start going three days a week. Ugh! I was a wreck when I took E for the first time but I know it will not be as bad tomorrow. I will miss R hanging out in the office - literally- but she is on the verge of going mobile and it is not fair to keep her there. The selfish side of me wants her to stay but the equalize says she needs to go and be free with her friends and her big sis. The mom inside of me hates to leave her and the employee inside of me says I can probably be a bit more efficient without her. The financial analyst inside me is not thrilled about the added expense but the coupon clipper says this is way cheaper than the alternatives. 

Then I sit back and think about it from all angles and realize that without my flexible employers I would not be having this conversation in my head so I am reminded of just how thankful I am to not be 100% stay at home mom and 100% have kids in daycare mom. To each his own and you have to find what works best for you. Some moms are meant to be at home and others are meant to work full time - I prefer being stuck here in the middle

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