Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's 7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Packing... Its d-day time - more like d-hour time to finalize packing. I did discover during lunch that the pack and play will fit in a suitcase AND it weighs 20 lbs. Crucial information to have. Still I am trying to put the 'p' word out of my mind
--- 2 ---
On my mind is finishing R's stocking which I am not going to take with us because I don't want it to get ruined. I am also thinking about Lee's stocking and very excited about starting it even though R's is not done!
--- 3 ---
I am trying not to freak out about work stuff. I had a super productive morning but still I think there are 100 million things to do. Hopefully I ill have some time this weekend to wrap everything up.
--- 4 ---
Christmas cards. I am so very behind on these babies. The past two years I have been on the ball but I have not even taken the pic(s) let alone decided on outfits and location! That will have to wait!!!
--- 5 ---
E came home with a pile of sand in her coat and I asked her how it got there. She said "H put it there... (long pause) She was not being obedient." Great my 2- yr old knows this word. Now I have some ammo when she is not being obedient!
--- 6 ---
R is still in the pack and play and I don't think she really likes it. Hopefully Papa will get everything situated before we leave but the hours are waning away.

--- 7 ---
I am staying focused on our family trip because I think that a vacation implies a substantial amount of rest and relaxation. I think that we'll have family trips for many years to come and lots of short little dinner vacations when Mama and Papa have some peace. Though now I understand how my mom must have felt packing up for the beach for a week (or two). But I'll not thinking about that right, its the end result we're after!

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