Friday, November 9, 2012

A bribe is a bribe... Sweet Success

E has been resistant to one aspect of potty training so I have had to ante up on the stakes. In addition to a juice box, candy and two potty stars. The potty chart had gotten filled in fast. Well today we reached the first potty chart milestone... Ice cream with gummy worms.

Of course she freaked out and said we needed to go get ice cream immediately. I convinced her that we had to eat dinner first and she was okay with that.

Here are a few pics of the proud potty queen. And I don't even care that I had to bribe her to use the potty. Changing toddler diapers - more so than babies - is the pits. Here's to you E and you only wear diapers at night girl!


  1. I am all about potty bribery (actually I even give my kids a treat everyday if they eat all of their dinner!)

  2. It is totally worth not changing a a stinky diaper!!!

    Though I do hope to phase it out eventually but I am just glad for the potty successes!