Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Post Turkey Day Reflection...

Whew! I finally have 2.5 seconds of peace (and not quiet). Peacefulness is something I am thankful for and something I really enjoy during my days. On the ride home from church today my mind felt like a fried egg. Not in a bad way but just in a way of 'okay so this is our normal'. I am trying to adjust to this normal of increased mental stimulation but I admit it is hard to maintain my mommy game face at all times. 

In reflecting on the overstimulation of the weekend there are so many things that our family is thankful for: God, each other, our families, our extended families, our friends, our church, our house, our jobs, our school, our teachers, food to fill our tummies - including some really tasty fish that Jibbe caught and cooked up for us, playing with our cousins (and second and third cousins), a new front tooth, lots of people cheering on a soon to be crawler, fresh made whip cream, the season of Advent (though I am already kind of getting excited about decorating the house Christmas Eve), going to the beach, St. Nicholas coming soon, rest time... the list goes on and I probably could sit here for hours so accept it as an incomplete list that truly infinite. 

Here's to a very Happy THANKSgiving weekend. 

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