Thursday, November 8, 2012

Four Days... Five Dr Appointments

Well we made it. I survived four doctor appointments in five days. At the end of last week I knew I had two in four days and then one added so here goes.

#1 - Monday - E - she had this weird pesky ringworm that the $130 cream was not helping so took her to the ped and got referred to Rocky Mount's only dermatologist - did not have an appointment when I left, just the promise of a phone call from his office

#2 - Tuesday - R - 6 month old check up that was really her 9 month check up that was a reschedule after last month's fiasco. Everything is great. R and E are only 10 lbs apart in weight??!? R survived the shots but the new nurse needs to pick up her speed but really really like her - but really miss the one who left : (

Wednesday - call from ped - who said he had two things to talk to me about

1. The dermatologist wants to see E this week - as in tomorrow - EXCELLENT
2. The nurse who gave R her shots did not give her the right dose- SAY WHAT. Grrrrrrr... I go into a small panic and after a few phone calls and more information about the shot felt better about having the shots re-administered because she really got nothing from the shot on Wednesday

#3 - R - go back to ped office to have the nurse give R another shot. She felt HORRIBLE but I am glad that she came forward with her error and got R back on track

#4 - me - first time to the eye doctor in.... err... 4 years. A - .25 step later I got new contact and a clean bill of eye health

#5 - E - I kept on telling E we were going to visit Dr. G's friend and she needed to have good behavior and manners etc. The ladies in the front were so funny - you can tell they hardly ever see kids at the dermatologist office. Called back in no time and met with the Dr who is super great. So he basically confirms the peds conjecture - she has is no longer ringworm. No one knows where in the world this spot came from but it is likely not related to the ringworm (sigh of relief) but still leaves many questions in my mind where this inflamed skin came from or from where it came. A $50 copay later and we got a cream that should get her on the mend in the next week or two

WHOA! What a week... Thankful for my insurance and the great doctors and nurses here in the Mount!

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