Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our October in Pics

October flew by like a rocket. E is into everything and R is eating just about everything. The girls are getting along pretty well - E still does not realize her own strength. She loves loves loves her two yr old class so much. R went to MMO for the first time this month and seems to be doing really well. Lee is still working like a madman and work remains busy for me.

 What I have crazy hair? 

 Oh yeah I love my crazy hair!

Do you love my crazy hair? 

We love your crazy hair almost as much as you do little R! 

Sometime E really does not realize what she is doing to R but she thinks activities like these are HILARIOUS. Then they are not as great when I tell her we cannot do that to R.

 The weather was hit or miss in October. We had some beautiful days and some insanely freezing days (okay I exaggerate but cold + me = grrrrr). E loves it when R can match what she is doing/wearing but sharing a single item is not her forte.

 R loved being on the tricycle and even got a few good scoots in and its great at sitting up and rolling over but still not crawling yet!

Got a helmet? not yet but in the spring E will need it 

 Matching Papa. E adores her Papa so much it really makes all the craziness worth it. 

 Grammy came to visit one morning when MMO was closed. Sprinkler cookies and Oatmeal cookies were on the menu and E loved it. Now she wants to go to Grammy's after church every Sunday because she knows there are sweets there. Also, I think this happened in November but E was talking about her friends at school at my parents house and we said is so and so your friend. E would say 'yes' or 'hmmm I don't think so'. Then she blurts out 'Grammy's my best friend' - it was so so so cute! Way to score some Grammy points there E

 R eats. R eats anything. R eats everything. Celery, carrots, peas, spinach, root veggies, potatoes and occasionally Rice Cereal only because we have to get rid of the box.

 E has her mornings of glory and mornings of bad attitudes but the glorious mornings are more often.

 We love Papa so much!

 Self-fammie portrait

 Papa is converting his girls into good football watchers.

 Crowns are insanely exciting

But I don't really want to share the spotlight! 

 Making a robot. E loves reading High Five and there is a page on robots and blocks so we will construct robots sometimes - or make roads.

 I seriously could not find her for a minute 

 Happy Halloween!

 E picked out the shapes for the eyes and nose. 

 Side profile of our cow. 

 E did surprisingly well trick or treating - otherwise known as hunting for candy. She rang the doorbell. Usually had to be reminded to say Trick or Treat. Sometimes remembered Thank You and always repeated Happy Halloween! It was cute!

 You thought we had escaped without a sister photo session.


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