Thursday, October 13, 2011


Okay people in case you have forgotten probably one of my favorite pics of little E... here it is again. Its fall time. Mums and pumpkins are out and E loves to sit by her pumpkin and smell the flowers we picked out.

So Pottery Barn Kids otherwise known as PBK has awesome awesome costumes for kids that will hold up which is good since baby #2 will be in next year!!! Craziness! So E is practicing her Moo-ing for this year's costume but is highly opposed to the headpiece so I have got to come up with this year's Halloween pic idea and devise a plan for keeping the headpiece on long enough to snap a decent photo without a sad baby face! And for the record E is scared of cows - probably because they are HUGE but she happens to loves goats - we'll figure something out.

Back to PBK , they are having a photo contest and I submitted this pic so please please please vote for little E every day until November 4. Here is the link -

Get out and vote people!

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