Thursday, February 12, 2015

And Someone Turned 3

We had a birthday in our house the other day... 

In accordance with our normal birthday tradition it was pancakes or waffles for breakfast...

You choose pancakes

Big sister commadeered the birthday balloon but you being you didn't mind too much. 

3 pankcakes all around... 

I should have known something was up with these but the griddle was acting weird and not heating.. maybe because I did not have have it plugged in all the way. 

And breakfast pretty much went down hill from there. I was cutting up your pancake and it tasted super weird but I didn't say anything and then E said something about how they tasted funny so and Lee said they tasted 'fishy' Soooooo... we scraped the pancakes and gave you a raincheck until dinner time. At that time I will use baking POWDER and not baking soda. I promise I triple checked the recipe and I still grabbed the wrong thing. So good thing you are super laid back because we switched to the standard 'pillows' aka frosted mini wheats and we were good. Though I did feel REALLY bad...

Being that you are 3 cheeseballs were on the docket for snack at school plus juice boxes and chocolate Teddy Grahams. For some crazy reason you passed over the Oreos for the Teddy Grahams - Hey it was your birthday so I was not going to argue : ) 

I dressed M first today and you picked out a dress to match her even though I kinda wished you had picked something non-matching on your special day - again not going to argue with the birthday girl...

It was FREEZING cold and rainy so I put the juice boxes in your bookbag which probably tripled the normal weight and you insisted on proudly carrying your bert-day snacks around school. We dropped E off at her class and E screamed "TODAY IS R'S BIRTHDAY" as she walked into her room - it was awesome : ) 

On the way to your class you were running and fell and thought it was hilarious and then you couldn't get back up because the juice boxes were weighing you down. 

You had been BEGGING for hot dogs for weeks and I finally found some on sale last night so you were excited about lunch! Then it was off to rest without too much of a fight : ) 


Familiar scene from oh 9 hours before....

My helper extraordinaire... slash what do you do with a baby who is crying and wants to be held... give them a paper towel of course!

Things appearing that I did not have a #momfail. And I didn't. I totally delivered on round two of birthday pancakes and everyone got seconds and I had some to freeze for a raining day. I don't feel totally redeemed from the morning but whatever...

After dinner it was present time. We got you a dress which in a 3 yr old's world is not overly exciting but we saved the best for last. E and M got you on Olaf and you love it. Not that we need ANOTHER STUFFED ANIMAL in the house but when E and I saw it we knew it had your name on it. 

Then right before Papa had to scoot out for Bible Study we sang Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns and had two massive cupcakes from the HT. Your party is in a few days but we couldn't not have some candles for you to blow out on your birthday. 

The cupcakes were well received for sure : ) 

I moved poor Olaf to a high perch so that he would not be covered in blue frosting because both you and E couldn't wait to get your hands on him after dessert. After so thorough washing and soaping and rewashing I think we got most of the blue off your hands and face  : ) 

And that's how the birthday 'actual day' went down 

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