Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Very Frozen 3rd Birthday

Here's a peak at how we celebrated R's 3rd birthday

M didn't feel great so this is how I found her when we walked in from swim class!

I think the cake turned out great! I found only later that R really did not like her cake - maybe it was the raspberry filing? 

As for the other food, we had pulled pork, a tray of Chick-Fil-A nuggets (which I thought was going to be too much but then there were 6 left!), slaw, pretzels, carrots, grapes and popcorn. I was bound and determined not to run out of food.

Hues of the cake!

R working on her Frozen puzzle

Chicken nuggets  = happy kids

R was so excited over "big boxes" and wanted to move on once she has just unwrapped the boxes but we convinced her to open the box first : ) 

Frozen dress up! E was OBSESSED with trying on the Elsa dress which I would not let her do until after cake and until after R got the first chance

3 is such a fun age for unwrapping presents

Best card reaction EVER

R freaked out when she saw Olaf on the card!

And had to run and show her Olaf the card

Olaf nearly took a nose dive into the cake 

R was alittle bashful when we sang to her

But she perked up to blow out the candle

Stop everything and take a family pic!

Giving the Elsa costume a whirl! Which was good because E has lived in it ever since!

The girls making Grammy proud practicing ballet - she's given them each a ballerina outfit and bag for their third birthdays and they've been having afternoon practice sessions ever since. Looks like ballet might be in our future : ) 

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