Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 Favs - Thoughts on Being Snowed In..

Well actually we are iced in... What does that actually mean? Monday the girls were off for school - thank you Presidents Day - and Tuesday was the icing day and yesterday was icey roads day, today is all the shady spots did not melt at all day, and tomorrow will be arctic blast day. So five days. At home. With the kids.

Last year when it seemed we were perpetually snowed in every other week for 8 weeks I kinda got stir crazy and wasn't loving life because kids off school = no bueno for my schedule. This time I'm seeing these days off in a slightly different light. Basically, next year if we homeschool being at home all the time will be my reality - though in my grandest dreams the littles will still go to preschool so that I can focus the morning on getting school done.

Anyhow, I digress..


The sleet and ice that snowed us in didn't actually completely cover all the grassy spots : ) 

We went sledding...

It loads of fun I promise!

That would be the sled I got for Christmas 15+ years ago : ) 

Normally when it is less than 60 degrees I veto going outside because I cannot stand being cold. But when there's snow on the ground I get overridden. The girls piled up ice and snow at the bottom of the slide to get alittle bit longer ride. 

Then we went on a walk down the street and I convinced them to sit down and ride the (really small) hill sitting down. They probably could have done that for several hours. They thought it was hilarious. 

# 2

I definitely have learned that once the playing gets out of control regrouping for some workbook/coloring time is good to break things up. And of course snack. However trying to get E to focus on a page is super difficult when R is calling for snack or E is trying to manage what R is coloring. 

# 3

We've done lots of puzzles... 

# 4 

We've done lots Legos 


There have been many tents built


  1. It looks like you've been surviving winter quite well:)

    1. Yes we have been surviving but we are READY for spring!