Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To My Middle Child

Sweetest Beckles - {rhymes with freckles}

You are not so little anymore. You are a big sister to M and you and E can play nicely together. You love doing 'big' things with E. You love to wear E's old pink and blue sparkly shoes but they are really too big for you.

You love playing in the sand and going on the swings and playing Legos. You are still not a huge fan of baths but you tolerate them just to play with your sisters. You like reading Curious George and playing Ana and Elsa with E. You get stuck being Ana and I try and tell you that you can be Elsa too but mostly you just go with the flow and you are Ana.

You go with the flow with most things - but when you don't EVERYONE knows about it. When you are upset usually we can change topics or let you get an ice pack and then all is well in your world.

You love school. There is a little boy there who thinks he's going to marry you and you all adore each other and have even exchanged a few video messages : )

You are super excited about playing soccer in the spring. You've picked the Fire Ants as your team name in honor of the fire ants who bit you last summer and left a scar on your foot because you walked through ant hills on MULTIPLE occasions. You did not like swim class a few months ago but I think we might give those a whirl again soon.

You are getting so big it drives me crazy. You put together words into sentences. You are so cute when you tell me 'I like you' or 'You look prit-tea'. You can be really sweet to M especially when she's crying. E loves to match you. You are finally standing up for your opinion and if you don't want to wear something you won't wear it and that gets E into a fit of rage and you don't give in and usually E does : )

Your favorite foods include cheese sticks and hotdogs and bananas. If you get dessert - which normally you clean your plate unless we have brussel sprouts - you go for the craziest stuff. Like Dum-Dums or Smarties even though there used to be gobs of really good Halloween candy. You say you don't like peanut butter though I'm not totally convinced. You usually win the messy plate, space, seat, seatback and hands which touch the walls on the way to the sink award.

Anyways, you are the greatest Beckles. We love you so so so much. We are grateful to be your parents even though we fall short all too often.

Happiest of 3rd birthdays : )

~ Mama and Papa

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