Friday, April 24, 2015

7QTs - Soccer, Deli Meat and Booster Seats

2 soccer games and no pics to prove it #icannottakepicsbecauseiamcoaching ... 

--- 1 ---

Friday afternoon E weaseled her way into a work call / Sams Club visit with Papa. She wanted to go with him earlier that afternoon but he said no. She ran into the garage as so he wouldn't see her and starting tearing up and crying. It was so stinkin' cute. So Papa met her half way and told her she could come when he got back from that job. 

So that left us to fend for ourselves... 

Then it was out to the back which included some fresh, new play sand for the spring/summer...

I must say it was much less noisy with only 2 and I have to believe it is because E and R feed on each and know how to annoy the other. So we had a really pleasant afternoon .

--- 2 ---

Saturday brought to us our first soccer game of the season. Somehow the Leopards got stuck with the most neon-yellow jerseys EVER. Which is okay but we played the Tigers who had the golden yellow jerseys E was hoping for... I guess we'll be the Lions in the near future...

I have no pics from the game but E didn't do too terribly much so nothing much to report other than it was pretty evenly matched for a 4/5 game.

The rest of the day Papa cooked the day away for the church fundraiser we were having the next day so we stayed clear of the kitchen and played outside...

I don't think these pictures accurately document the red ring around M's forehead. But she had one and next game I really need to bring her a hat - like she'll actually keep it on!

Yes, I'm STILL wearing the soccer jersey because that's how we roll... I did get a shower before bed. Fear not.

--- 3 ---

Sunday after surviving Liturgy with all three sans Papa (who went to Mass the night before and was prepping for the fundraiser) we headed to the fundraiser - sorry no pictures, but the food was fantastic so you might start drooling if I had posted them.

Then it was off to Grammy and Grandpa Joe's house to make a delivery and spend the afternoon.

M and Grandpa Joe played this game with E and R's booster seats and M thought it was HILARIOUS!

Touch toes

Stand up

Move seat 1.5 inches

Sit down

Don't fall out


Of course Grandpa Joe is the best!

--- 4 ---

Monday brought another game this one for R's team... The Fire Ants!

This was our pre-practice / pre-game snack. Again no pictures. R was kind of into the game but not really. There is a standing order of first goal scored = trip for ice cream just like with E so we'll see if we have to make good on that this season... 

Three yr olds playing soccer is just funny because there are 100 people yelling and cheering and the kids are not sure where they are going half the time and then by about 2/3 through the game most of the kids are DONE DONE DONE playing : ) 

--- 5 ---

Tuesdays. Tuesdays are so nice. They are almost my day off - but not really. Since I don't technically have to work that afternoon and we get home earlier - lunch is not rushed and it is just generally more peaceful

This Tuesday I let E and R play outside and then eat lunch outside and play more before rest. The neighbors came over and it was just a great afternoon. 

--- 6 ---

The girls are back with Jibbe once a week for lunch and afternoon activities... They are SO happy to be going there and M seems to not be throwing a monkey wrench into their plans.  

How Jibbe does it all, I don't know. She's super Jibbe for sure!

--- 7 ---

Okay I'm not going to get bogged down in bump-dates and pregnancy news but this week I actually FELT pregnant in the sense of "oh hello, I am carrying a little beach ball around". I still have not gotten my maternity clothes out... yet. YET. They are their way through.

Last time I was wearing my maternity jean skirt a week or two before I actually told anyone so I guess three kids will keep you a little trimmer : )

FINALLY, deli meat during pregnancy?

Apparently it is no-no because of listeria? Why did I find this out 9 months AFTER I gave birth to my third child? Yeah, I had no idea. And I pretended to have no idea this week when I indulged in several ham and turkey and cheese sandwiches. I guess I should actually not eat deli meat from now until October...


  1. Stopping by from Kelly's linkup!

    I barf like a crazy person the whole time I'm pregnant but when it's finally time to eat all I want to eat is lunchmeat. I just make sure it hasn't been in the fridge for a week, and then I have at it. There is no microwaving it until it steams either, because that's just gross.

  2. Please avoid the processed meats and especially those processed "Cheese" foods.. One of our friends contracted listeria after eating nachos (with cheese sauce) at a sporting even and lost her baby - I am gla dyou are finding out now! It may be somewhat rare, but best to be on the safe side...