Monday, May 18, 2015

7QTs - And this isn't even the crazy week

Gosh it seems like I have not posted in FOREVER so these will be quick... 

--- 1 ---

The girls have been taking full advantage of the nice and not-so-humid-yet weather!

--- 2 ---

One day two weeks ago E had this weird stomach thing going on where she'd be fine right up until she took a bite of something and then felt horrible for 1.5 hours and then would be back up and normal and want to eat and repeat, repeat repeat... so she hung out with me at work one day. I think it might be M's turn to take a spin at work this week because she's got a fever she just cannot kick!

--- 3 ---
We've got two avid morning readers in the house...

Once they get ready R and M head to the couch with some books. R mainly because she has been ban from upstairs because she wrecks E's Legos and really those tiny Legos are still really small for a mischievous 3 yr old.

Oh and R has been ban also from Berenstain Bear books recently because the girl took one in the bathroom, brushed her teeth and left the book in a PUDDLE of water on the counter. So she's back to Hello Kitty for a while.

--- 4 ---

Still loving the Frozen Lego castle but I hear it has been disassembled so E's been calling for help all week. 

We have yet to trade in the other set of Frozen Legos for a new set and I DOUBT it will happen this week!

Also, I need so ideas for containing the Lego building space while still keeping in kid friendly and comfy and creative. Pinterest here I come

--- 5 ---

R and I headed out for some shopping and picking out of E's birthday card... R picked E out a neat HUGE cupcake from the HT which is what we do when actual birthday and birthday party as separate. Cake at the party. Cupcake with candle on the day. 

R picked out a Frozen card with stickers and then she and M decorated it for E

Nearly killed E waiting upstairs while they finished : )

--- 6 ---

Somewhere mixed into the craziness it was Mothers Day... 

My parents and Uncle Kev came for brunch and then we had dinner with Jibbe that night. It was definitely a good eating day around here!

--- 7 ---

Speaking of Mothers Day - which was E's actual birthday we had to do some running around - which involved getting snacks for her birthday party at preschool. She wanted popsicles (and cheese balls of course)

There are several kids in the class with some pretty intense peanut/tree nut allergies and for real - I don't know how those parents do it. Scouring the labels like a crazy person trying to determine if there are nuts in the product, let alone manufactured in a facility that handles nuts!

I don't know what I would do if I had to do that EVERY TIME I went to the store!

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