Saturday, May 23, 2015

7QTs - In honor of Baby #4

I haven't really said much about bebe #4 so why not... 

--- 1 ---

Somewhere between two days ago and Monday I'll be 20 weeks along which is nearly impossible to believe that we're halfway through this pregnancy. It hasn't been terrible. There were a few rough weeks in the beginning and that stomach around 11 weeks is always a fantastic scare. I can still squeak into my non-maternity jeans and I'm so glad about that - but the big bad banded jeans will surely be out soon. I think running around (literally at soccer practice and games) has helped keep the weight gain to a healthy minimum. 

--- 2 ---

Speaking of clothes... I've got to find a nice skirt or two to wear to for this business trip - last time I went this happened. I am never too impressed with what's in stores especially because of their price tag so I've hit up ThredUP with one success. I really need some decent summery clothes for work and somehow I eeked by with M. Most of my maternity tops are for the winter. 

Also, summer = bathing suit because we joined a pool. I think the bathing suit I have from Lands End should do the trick for most of the summer but I might have to size up for August. 

--- 3 ---
So enough about me... and onto the bebe : ) 

I am actually kind of ready for another baby in the sense that I want to rock a newborn and snuggle a newborn and nurse a newborn. There's something about a brand new baby I'm just waiting for. 

Is new baby going to rock our world and scream and cry and making tons of dirty diapers and big germy sisters all up in our space? Yes, of course but I can mostly get over that part just to lay there and stop and rock and watch a newborn. 

--- 4 ---

Mama and Papa's thoughts on bebe:

No we aren't finding out if baby is a boy or girl. Yes we are crazy but we like a good surprise. Honestly I think the only thing that might surprise us is a boy : ) but our prayer is that the baby be happy and healthy and that's it. I mean that woman just had 13 boys so 4 girls seems totally reasonable plus I cannot imagine loads of blue clothes and trucks and cars and dinosaurs... We have only done tea parties and princesses and dress up around here!

Names, names, names. Well we will definitely be following the double letter + K naming scheme again. With an EEK, RRK and MMK - we have not written off the possibility of repeating a first and second letter but I think it is unlikely we'd have 2 EEK girls - I think. 

The names have been set in stone since before there was a baby to speak of. I think with M there was more back and forth over her name and we reused our boy name for M. This time we both liked this girl name and the middle name came easy. We decided to mix up the boy name again so I threw a name out and it stuck and then for the middle name Lee jokingly said how about "this crazy name" and I said okay that's what I was thinking of. 

Then he proceeded to forget the names... I think or maybe he was just kidding. One night after dinner though Lee said - okay so what are the names? I told him I wasn't telling until October and then he started guessing. He guessed the girl name almost immediately. (In fact someone has guessed the girl name - first and middle - in one fell swoop; I definitely try not to lie about it so if I do have an accurate guess - as with most name suggestions - it gets an "oh that's a good one")

The boy name on the other hand he had problems guessing because there are SO MANY fantastic boy names that would fit our naming scheme. Finally I gave him a hint and he still couldn't figure out the first name. And then once it got it the middle name was a mystery and finally he guessed it and looked at me and I nodded and he said - 'are you kidding? you agreed to that!'

Here's a list of some previous guesses. Feel feel to comment on that post with any guesses legit or not : ) 

Side note, there is a girl name that I absolutely LOVE that I told Lee we probably should keep it in our back pockets for {if there is a} next time and he HATED it. I mean he was like... Are you kidding me? Heck no! But the list of reasonable options is running thinner and thinner for viable girl names as we speak : ) 

--- 5 ---

The big sisters thoughts on bebe:

E is totally lobbying for a girl this time. She is convinced she's got too many cute clothes that she would not be able to share with a boy ( and I can't say I don't agree with her). E is planning out where everyone will sleep and sit at the table and be placed in the van. 

R says she wants a boy though I am not convinced she 100% gets it. I think in the coming weeks I'll get more questions about the baby bump so the gears might start turning that someone new is coming. Thought she seems to understand M will be joining the ranks of the bigs in their room at some point and she talks about 'growing up' - oh the mind of a 3 yr old. 

M's world is going to be rocked in October but hopefully she'll forgive us by her 2nd birthday : ) 

--- 6 ---

Other people's thoughts on baby:

{at first dr appointment}

Me - Well you are not going to pass off twins on me this time (because I had my ultrasound before seeing him)
Dr - Just wait until next time...
Me - If we can agree that there could be a next time, we're on the same page

{at first dr appointment with new nurse as she is walking out of the room after the first rounds of questions}

Nurse - So you are getting a hysterectomy after this one, right?
Me - Ummm... no. Definitely not. 

{At the pool store one day - I've been there for 7 years and you see a lot of the same people and you start to get to know them so this isn't terribly uncommon}

Guy - You have two kids, right?
Me - No, three.
Guy - So that's it then?
Me - No actually I'm pregnant
Guy - Oh so is four the magic number?
Me - I don't think there is a magic number

--- 7 ---

Just to keep you on your toes for the name because that's super fun... The Social Security Administration released the ranking for the 2014 baby names. The boy first name is in the top 40 (and there's a ton of great ones) and the girl first name is in the top 200 (yeah that really narrows it down, right?) 

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