Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I have so much more to say but someone... ehem (Lee) hasn't downloaded our Christmas pics from the camera yet so no Christmas blog post yet - in fact I have an Advent post to do and a year in pics post too. But for now here is how we celebrated New Year's on the day because we were too tired and did just about nothing to celebrate the dawn of 2016

Sparkles are way fun (but also kinda scary)

Of course M HAD to get in on the action

Double fisting sparklers but they died before she could run around the yard : ( 

R wouldn't touch the sparklers which wasn't a huge surprise but she liked watching them

A missed out on the whole five minute celebration : ) 

Hope you rang in the New Year however you saw fit. Thanks for being along for this blog reading ride!

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  1. Ah sparklers! Good call! We still have some from the 4th of July and that would have been perfect to bring out... Next year!