Tuesday, March 15, 2016

7QTs - Kite Homework, Panthers and Carting Kids

Same old normal spanning 2 weeks...

--- 1 ---

Little boy clothes...

This is what A wore to church last Sunday. Unless the little shirts have snaps in the bottom then the shirts are pretty much impossible to keep tucked in - which is a super annoying to me. I'm not a huge fan - and Papa even more so - of bubbles for little boys so jon-jons it will have to be for the summer. Now if I can just find a few and not go broke. 


E is so ready to rock out the Rocket Mile this year...

She randomly decided she 'had' to practice for it and decided run up and down the street a few times to get ready. May cannot come soon enough. 


Hello preschool homework... 

Being done the night before with a pouty Kindergartener who is annoyed because she cannot get in on the craft action

Stamps are this mama's crafty homework friend

Homework happiness

Yes that would be dinner dishes and craft supplies right beside each other

Clean up once the kids are in bed

So proud!

Thank goodness for stamps and the hot glue gun. I think the feathers are my favorite part. For a trip down memory lane R made a kite when E was doing it too

The weather has taken a turn for the warm

A is thrilled to be in the swing with lots of people who want to push him

Sometimes I think R could swing for hours but still enjoys a good headstart - aka a push - to get her going into t'he clouds' : )


Somehow this is very backwards to me...

But both of them thought it was hilarious, so whatever.

Can you spot all 4 passengers?

It didn't last long because as you can imagine being wedged in the bottom of a shopping cart is not terribly comfortable. 


A Lego + MagnaTile + Princess masterpiece



We wrapped up swim class...

I'd still love to get more lessons in before swim team starts but I think I'm being a bit ambitious.

On the last day of swim lessons, A had a Dr. appt at 1:30. Got his shots (super : ( for him), I raced to pick up R from Jibbe's, ran to get E from school (and not be late like last week), doubled back to the Y and got everyone dressed for the pool only to realize I left A's bag in the van SO... pool towel nursing cover for you. 

And it's a good thing swim classes wrapped up because soccer is back and the Panthers are ready.

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