Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Happy Lent

Oh Common Core… you complicate my L-I-F-E… hence my absence. I have been distracted by schooling decision discernment… whatever

--- 1 ---

This is how you train for a half marathon when you have 3 kids under 4

Sunday I had this grand idea of walking 6 miles with the girls like this because Papa had to make a work trip right during my prime running hour - aka nap time. I thought I would be able to walk peacefully once all three cherubs fell asleep - because it was their nap time you know. Well they had other plans. And I only made it 3 miles with the 12 lb (?) 4 month old attached to my person and strolling the 30 lb stroller with 60 lbs of children occupying the stroller. It was a workout but if they had just fallen asleep like I intended them too I would have really accomplished something. 

--- 2 ---

You only brought me 2 clean outfits?

R had an EPIC Monday in which she blew through not one, but two diapers in the span of 2.5 minutes.  I think before this craziness all went down I had changed her because of some excessive spit up action. So needless to say, finding an outfit was a problem-o when only Mama packed two outfits (I usually only have one). Fortunately for little Miss M I had a long sleeve 0-3 month onesie that we squeezed the official 4-month-old into and she was one her way wrapped up in a blanket for the rest of the morning!

Point of the story, ALWAYS keep a 'hidden' stash of clothes, wipes, and diapers in the van that are untouchable unless of extreme emergencies. Surviving motherhood secret

--- 3 ---

Just singing in the ice pellets…

What a glorious feeling… I'm happy again. Apparently winter is winning the war of seasons. We cannot get out of this winter-weather-rut. The girls were intrigued by the ice pellets falling from the sky so we just had to experience them for ourselves.

--- 4 ---
Another snow day????

Said ice pellets supposedly accumulated enough overnight to cancel school yet another day this week. I think there has been one single week since the start of this year that the kids have 1. attended school 5 days that week and/or 2. not had a 2-hr delay. 

Snow days call for… Doing homework

R got in on the kite homework action. And it was so windy and chilly and rainy and gross today I forgot to snap a pic of the girls and their masterpieces. Grrrrrrrrr…..

--- 5 ---
Oh warm weather where art thou?  {I have now posted this question in my #5 spot for the past 3 weeks… This is getting old}

E is so desperate to get outside again she has taken to swimming inside and it usually looks something like this...

R is just along for the ride. 

--- 6 ---
Stylin' with the pink hat...

R takes to the hats and boas when the girls dress up and E is more into the shoes and dresses… Probably because R has not figured out how to take her normal clothes off which she deems a prerequisite for putting on dress up… 

--- 7 ---
This is the outfit my baby came home from the hospital in four months ago… 

Ahhhhhh… she is getting so big so fast. 

Happy First Friday of Lent which holds a special place in my heart because 9 years ago (not to the calendar day, but to the liturgical calendar day) I first set my eyes on and met Lee. Never in 100 million years if you had asked me 9 years ago would I marry him… See what the Holy Spirit can do? 

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  1. Your comment about the Common Core has me intrigued. Will you be elaborating in a post???

    1. Haha! Maybe. I mean I should. I'll give you a teaser. Basically I was 100% okay with sending our kids to Catholic school until I found out that this diocese is adapting the curriculum to Common Core. Ever since I have been learning more about CC and I am not exactly loving what I'm learning so I just having a bit of a crisis of conscience.