Sunday, April 3, 2016

7QTs - Chia, Diggers, & Teeth

Catching up from Holy Week and Bright Week (aka the week after Easter, aka Spring Break). But we went about our normal (boringness) for Spring Break so no fun vacation photos to report. 

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The digger left our yard Holy week... 

Which only means one thing... Summer is coming. Which means I'm already mentally preparing myself for Papa's afternoon (and evening) presence, or lack thereof. Trying, trying trying to remember we survived last year and fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed... we can do it again without A throwing us some major loops. 


I'm definitely in rehearsal mode for the summer because I continue to do crazy things like... 

Take 4 kids to the grocery store 7 minutes before a dentist appointment

Because I don't have all the ingredients for dinner!

Onward and upwards to the dentist. M went solo a few months ago because I was certain the 3rd child syndrome has struck her teeth and the brownish stains on them were cavities - but they weren't it is just something in her diet (probably). We still need to help her brush her teeth more though!

Last time M would barely open her mouth for the hygienist. This time - it wasn't even her appointment and nearly cried until she got her teeth polished. R has her teeth polished as well. As did E and basking in the glory of having lost 2 teeth. 


Silly A

He is so cute!

He loves playing with his toes

He loves to eat his toes

Covered by Olaf!

M is so so so crazy!


R is getting to be so big!

Hair a mess, t-shirt, skirt and light up rainboots

Gah! She is so cute! So determined to do things by herself and her own way


Oh so I jumped on the 'crunchy' - if you will - chia seed train this weekend

A co-worker drinks chia seed water almost everyday. I tried it and it tasted a bit grassy - if they soak for any extended period of time. I think I might do yogurt/fruit smoothies for lunch this week and throw some chia seeds in them. A definitely was pleased with the volumizing effects chia is known to have on nursing moms.. Well oatmeal cookies did the same thing but I think chia seeds will be good since I've got some pavement to pound next weekend and not pounds to gain. 


A was rooting on the Tarheels on Saturday...

And was quite happy to be cheering again tomorrow.

I think his tongue still has some residual indentation from when it was super attached (before it was clipped). It seems to me that within the past week or some he has really been moving it around more probably because he is getting all the good tastes out of the apples, bananas and sweet potatoes I've been giving him from the table. He is also HAPPILY using a sippy cup (Praise the Lord) and he is enjoying his 'gruel' - as Papa likes to call A's cereal. 

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