Friday, September 23, 2016

7QTs - Rain & Babies

We survived the week thanks to the monsoon of the month...


The rain kept our schedule in check this week... 

I let them run in the rain Monday before lunch. No umbrellas or rainboots necessary. 

No soccer game on Monday.

No tee ball game on Tuesday.

No tee ball practice on Wednesday.



Yay preschool art!

And she's taking more initiative to get her work done.... Still working on that summer workbook because someone has a very short temper when things aren't perfect

My hippie child... 

She wore this pink hairband to school and then it broke... She still thinks I'm going to fix it with tape. But she LOVED just putting it on and wearing it around. I think St. Nikolas might be bringing so plastic hand bands because I cannot imagine her without them! Her teacher asked if she was THAT quiet at home... That would be a negative : ) 


M has been wandering out of bed and was banished to her crib for one night this week.... 

She didn't have her soccer game so... We will see what Monday holds


Let's discuss how cute he is...

Okay that's not necessary. 

Think he's happy?

WRONG... so wrong. He has kind of been the crabbiest of patties the past few days which means he may be getting teeth? He was a pretty miserable kid in August when he was getting teeth. 

And he likes to eat books... Just for the record


AHG is in full swing and E and R went on an excursion to the bird park last weekend

E is climbing to new heights... Literally

Rock walling it up after swim practice

E has an art project that was way over my math/science brain so I called in one of her cousins for reinforcements. E got this butterfly book for a project last year and she STUDIES it. Moths and butterflies... she's into them. I think this is the Blue Night something or other. I'm sure she'll correct me when I ask her and she could tell me if this is the male or the female and where it can be found living. 


Links of interest: 


Babies abound... I found out that at least 2 families we know are having babies in 2017! So exciting. Tis the season, right? 

Well speaking of that, and I think I've said it before BUT... seriously, seriously. The topic/question of when is baby K #5 coming next is indirectly hinted at or directly, to the tune of - ARE YOU PREGNANT YET? - comes up probably at least 3 times a week. 

To all the people who support our procreative activities... thank you. In a world where we should have stopped having babies 3 babies ago, we appreciate your encouragement. Promise we'll let the cat out of the bag when there's one to let out. So keep on asking/hoping/praying and I'll keep on giving you the standard canned response... It is not in our hands and it is not on our time. Mysteries abound when you are open to life. 

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