Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Waning Days of Summer

Oh summer... 

Before the pool closed for the summer we went a few more times. It seemed that as soon as swim team ended at the end of July we kind of cut ties with the pool. But the threat of it closing motivated us a few more times

We actually went on the last day - Labor Day - with some friends and the girls are still talking about it because all the popsicles were free because you know that won't keep over the winter : ) 
"Mama, wasn't it so cool. Everything was free!!!"

We have some fall sports action and I was convinced that R was totally into tee ball but now I'm not as sure. I mean she enjoys it but I think she would be fine not doing it too. One day she'll let us know...

We are enjoying afternoons outside - with all the gnats and vicious ants

A has discovered the little red car and LOVES it and has been plotting how it tip it over while inside of it but he has yet to succeed : ) 

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  1. Just wait until AA gets a hold of that riding thing that MM zoomed around on inside the house.