Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Halloween 2016

Just squeaking this in before all the Christmas stuff takes over completely... 

Last year we didn't carve a pumpkin because we ran out of time? So as soon as the 4 o'clock bell rang... It was all pumpkin

Papa picked us out a nice pumpkin without a stem because it was a same-day, same-carve purchase because I'm a planner like that. So getting the top off required a bit of extra work 

We got it though and found our pumpkin had very few seeds which was a bummer because toasted pumpkin seeds? Yes please!

E and R rallied the fam on Star Wars themed costumes... I had even looked up Darth Vadar and Queen Amidala BUT I couldn't justify $100 worth of costumes for 45 minutes of walking around the neighborhood (plus an insanely awesome pic) 

Rey, Leia, BB8, C3PO

The never satisfied C3PO on display and the only pic of the carved pumpkin? Super disappointed I didn't get one of it lit up :  (

Thank goodness it was halfway warm so we didn't have layers and layers of clothes

A kept his head piece on the entire time... I was shocked 

She thought she was Yoda

People actually wanted to give him candy?

Always in a big rush

Not sure what to make of these arm pieces

Out and about

Now I will say that probably 20% of the people in our neighborhood had their lights on - which was fine because the kids had some fun and didn't get a mountain of candy. A lot of people around here A. do nothing for Halloween or B. go to Trunk or Treat events. Both totally fine. HOWEVER, I  think there is a sense of neighbor or community that is missing when that happens. When we were out and about we talked to neighbors who we hardly ever talk to, we walked around with another family who we barely see. I understand people's justification for not participating in Halloween - the scary side (witches, ghosts and goblins - which is not something we revel in either so our kids choose uplifting? (that's not the right word) things to dress up as) and trick-or-treat (which I have come to not love that verbiage because really, you don't mean that! But not at my prompting, the girls usually said Happy Halloween when they rang the doorbell and ALWAYS said Thank You!). 


Going through the loot!

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