Thursday, November 3, 2016

M is Three!

Dear M, 

You are three now.

You were very worried about turning three and having to go to a different class at school. Once I told you you could stay in the 2s with your friends you were good to go to turn three. You brought Chex Mix, and gummies and juice boxes (strawberry and grape, please) to school to celebrate. 

You are an early riser and an excellent napper. I think you'd sleep for 3 hours every afternoon if you could. You don't like sleeping with a night light on at night so you aren't the bookworm like your big sisters are at night. You are very opinionated about most things and you are perfectly happy not playing with the crowd if you don't like what is being played.

You had a fun time playing soccer this season and even scored a few goals. You are an avid singer and will even dance to some of the songs that I make up about you - because you know it makes me laugh and then we all crack up. When you happen to get in trouble, you are the quickest to put on a sad face and cry some tears and change your behavior - it is cute and a little funny how dramatic you can be.

You add so much life and laughs and noise to our family. We are so blessed you are in it!



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