Friday, November 25, 2016

7QTs - All things before Thanksgiving

Maybe I'll actually get caught up. 


Hi Mama... I think I'm big

And I'm really cute!

And I still only have 6 teeth and I think it is hilarious to go head first down slides


I've convinced the girls to get started on laundry on Friday nights...

Sorting earns a show on TV and insiding-out earns another. Two weeks ago it was awesome. The banter was down to a low murmur and there was very little arguing and I didn't have to get involved... But this past week did not turn out so well and some people didn't earn the 2 full shows and there was crying and gnashing of teeth.


R was thrilled to cut the turkey out by herself and only trimmed off the line in between the two pieces that was supposed to be used to glue then together BUT we made do - because that's how we roll

Thinking she could trim the pipe cleaners 

R wasn't terribly interested in feathers but took to pipe cleaners... wonder where that comes from 

Pipe cleaners round DOS

M giving input about the pom-pom placement oh and I let R do this on a night E was at AHG because Miss Opinionated, Peanut-Gallery might have taken over

So course no art project would be complete without glitter glue so this is the best method for spreading a large amount of it. 

After the glitter glue we I it a night and told her she could finish it the next night but the next night she and M were sitting at the table breaking crayons after she had colored some of the feathers so I let her pick a few feathers to glue on and that was it. 

R's Thanksgiving Turkey!


E's school had a Veteran's day breakfast and celebration... 

We wore red, white and blue and E got to wear her scout uniform... 

One of the high school ROTCs came and raised the flag. It was neat to see. After that the Veterans went in for breakfast and songs and we headed home. 


I made pimento cheese which is just about one of five things I classify that I'm good at making...

Grilled Pimento Cheese sandwich turned into Grilled Pimento Cheese Volcano... Let that cheese melt a bit too much : ) 


November is a bit of a crazy birthday month between M's, Grammy's and Grandpa Joe's in the span of 8 days... 

This was Grandpa Joe's

Boston Creme cake : ) 

A was feeling let out

This was from Grammy's surprise party which included international guest and what seemed like 50+ friends, family and neighbors. It was a blast and I cannot believe it was actually pulled off and I was only responsible for the cake and candles (and the flamethrower to light them!)

Our squirrels were thrilled to have tons of left over pita but I haven't seen too many around so I'm wondering if we fattened them up too much and then the hawks had a field day with them!



The bookworms...

R got up from lunch one day and was taking for FOREVER in the bathroom and come to find her washing everyone toothbrush in the sink with soap! WHY?????

M got this really cool birthday card that has a moving part and played music... There was some SERIOUS birthday card envy going on

The weather right now is really confusing... It will be in the 30s when we leave the house and up to 50 by the time I drop the littles off at their school and then 60 when I pick them up. So for prayer line A was normally in his snowsuit which I realized is no bueno on the concrete because crawling around will certainly put a hole in it!

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  1. Yes, he is terribly cute!
    Sounds like you had a very busy time at your house!