Friday, June 9, 2017

7QTs - Pools, Puddles, and the Start of Summer


The girls dove into a bunch of Fairy books I got on eBay for a steal. I have finally found my used book haven.

I got 45 fairy books and 18 Katie Kazoo books for less than $50 which I deemed an awesome success especially because they only had duplicates of a few of the fairies which have since been donated to the school library (because there wasn't a 'good selection' according to E). I also got a lot of Early Childhood American books for less than $2/book. E read the Clara Barton book and was sold. She's reading Sacagawea and Thomas Edison at the moment - a little reprieve from the fairies much to my happiness. 


Saturday we had one last game for E's soccer team...

And R's teeball team

Let's discuss who is the happiest that spring sports are OVER. O-V-E-R. 



Monday involved two doctor appointments... Mine and A's. We have induction scheduled on June 17 and I'm crossing every bone in my body that baby will hold out until then. I have semi-packed a hospital bag so I'm feeling semi-more prepared. 

Then there was the moment of truth about A and tubes... and he is in the clear for now. Praise the Lord because I was sure he was going to need them. They aren't being ruled out 100% because if ear infections pop up again in a few months we are back to the drawing board.

A couldn't resist the puddle


Yes I parked right in the middle of the puddle...

In the hopes of keeping A out of it. And that worked up until the last moments of us leaving because you know what he walked straight through it right before we got in the van and he still hasn't been about to wear that pair of shoes. The kids needs some Crocs... I think I might order him a pair and get him these neat Wave Runner waterballs that we saw at the pool. 


Summer swim team has begun...

I'm bummed M cannot swim this year because 3 yr old have been nixed : ( even though R swam when she was 3. But whatever. R is convinced she is going to swim a lap by herself and she does NOT need help... I don't think she's quite there yet but I have put the offer on the table that she may pick out a blue racing bathing suit once she starts swimming 6 and under - and E can get one to match it. 

It drives me slightly crazy the team does not have a team pattern but I have bigger problems in my life and I know my OCDness needs to chill out. 


The big girls have been at Camp Invention all week which runs 8-3. I basically was out of ideas for childcare options and this was it. Problem is have to actually pick them up at 3 o'clock. 

Which of course is the same time regular school gets out BUT I don't pick up at school. E has gotten a ride home for the past 2 year and now I am seeing how insanely necessary that it. Waking little people up from rest to go pick up is the pits - aside from the fact I couldn't work like I do. Weeks like these certainly make me appreciate the people in our life who help make our world go around. 

Oh and M is not forced into resting in our room because we made that switch for A being in the nursery to him camping out with M. Should be an interesting few weeks of bedtime...


Also, this week I have realized that R gets clumped in with big girl activities she still needs a rest. Afternoons this week have been tough because she is not used to going 8-3. Thank goodness for rest time in Kindergarten. 

One day we were supposed to go to the pool but R had 2 meltdowns in 3 minutes over her bathing suit pattern sooooooooo...... to the room for her and sprinklers for everyone else. 

I mean I understand that she was exhausted so it was probably for the best... 

Another day we had unseasonably cool weather so the pool was closed so they hung out in the back and enjoyed the glories of all things sandbox. 


  1. I spy some super-cute Uglies swimsuits. After all our years of swimming and synchro, they are still my favorite for the cost vs. durability tradeoff. And they are always so quirky-cute!

    1. I am really surprised how well they have held up and considering I got them from the grab-bag for about $12 each I'm pleased!

  2. Ahh! Summer business! Ok, it would drive me crazy that there wasn't one-official-team-suit, but your kiddos look adorable!

    1. We'll have an official family team suit before too long!

  3. My girls were OBSESSED with those fairy books, and there are a billion of them. My husband and I used to joke about what fairy they could possibly come up with next: Diana the Dysentery Fairy? Hannah the Hummus Fairy? Patty the Platypus Fairy?