Saturday, August 19, 2017

We cut off nearly 4 ft of hair

46 inches to be exact

Ding round 2. (Round 1 here)

Looking at M's little pony kinda makes me want to cry.

The before and after was not as good as last times but you kind of get the picture. 2 years worth of knots and tangles and screams and ponytails and braids and DO WE HAVE TO BRUSH HAIR? and lots and lots of conditioner and just like that: 

Everyone loving their short hair : ) 

I don't think we could get the girls hair up in ponytails if we wanted to. 

Now to mail the ponytails off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths 

But not stare at them in the bag they are because it is kinda weird - I cannot explain it - but trust me

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