Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Day We Cut Off a Meter of Hair

The girls have been BEGGING for a hair cut - not just a trim - for more than a while now. With the pool trips that require a braid and the swim caps that require a good bun nearly things of the past, we were ready. I was mostly ready to not here the daily... "Do we have to brush hair today" plus the shrilling screams that went along with brushing out the inevitable knots. I'm not super attached to their hair or my hair for that matter. Yes it is pretty but short hair is pretty too and hair grows back so to the hair dresser we went... 

One of very few pics I'll post of being this pregnant

So much hair!

The skeptic didn't say anything the whole time : ) 

I don't think she knew what to think... plus I'm glad she went first because she easily could have decided to call the whole thing off

Next up... The Impatient one

No buyers remorse here!

Waiting for me to get finished was tough!

Goodbye ponytails

Getting that much hair cut is hard work so donuts were a clear necessary stop

A view from the back during our school shopping

I don't think the girls quite 'get' what we are doing with our hair. I have tried to explain that there are ladies who get sick and the medicine that can help them get better makes them lose their hair. 

E's former pony

R's former pony

Giving bows a whirl with the new do... 

Loving her short hair!

Now for the totals: 

Me: 15.5 inches

R - 12 inces

E - 12 inches

That's 39.5 inches total or slightly over one meter!

We'll be sending our ponies off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Will we do it again? I'd say it is highly likely but as for now we our enjoying our shorter hair. 

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