Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Birthday Boy

Here's to the freshly crowned TWO year old!

Getting this balloon was no small feat, but I knew you'd love it. I'me guessing you will be popping it soon. 

I made banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast because you can't quite tell me what you want yet but I know you love NANAS!!!!!!!!! so I ran with it. 

And they were a hit. With everyone

You and M could be two peas in a pod but she is way more independent than you, so you are often left in her dust

You adore C and love to lay on top of her while she's in the bouncy seat but thankfully it gives with you

And E who you happen to drive totally crazy sometimes because you get into her stuff

R is the most likely to go outside with you if I tell her you want to play outside (which is just about every waking moment of the day) 

On any given day...

You love to accessorize. If you see your sisters with a coat or umbrella, you want one too - though you are very frustrated by zippers. You also have a knack for finding hair bands and bracelets and commandeering them until your sisters figure out you have their stuff. 

You LOVE to be outside. Getting into stuff. I probably should have bought a broom for your birthday because you enjoy dragging one around the garage. You have dared to get on the bigger tricycle but your little legs can't quite reach the pedals. But I bet you are going to be a daredevil on it once you can work it. You have come to know the word - ANTS - and have started to be more cautious around ant hills due to your run ins with lots of ant hills. I think if I could get a fenced dog run for you and you could see into the house (to see me) you'd live outside with all your trucks and dirt. You also enjoy sitting on a (big kid) stand up swing and just swinging and passing the time. It's probably one of my favorite things to watch you do. 

You are not a great eater. I can count on you eating bananas, cheese sticks and grapes - anything else completely depends on your mood. I do have high hopes for you because I think once you can tell us what you would like you'll be a happier eater. We are just playing a guessing game at the moment. 

I decided to come to grips with your 2-year-old-dom by ripping of the bandaid and cutting your hair in the same day. 

You hopped right up into the chair but then I had to give you a lollipop (It might have been your first ever) so that you would sit still. 

You were mostly happy and totally drooled all over the drape thing - whatever those things are called 

And you left looking a million years older but no less cute than you started the day off, little boy. I think you might be a clone of your Uncle Kev. I hope you have an awesome year and I pray that it will be injury free because you scare me a lot with your fearlessness and I hope you'll always be my best snuggle-giver and just know you've stolen my heart in a way I never knew; I hate it when you cry for me and I take you to tee ball practice some nights not because I want to, but because I don't want you to cry when I leave - even though I know you are totally 'putting on' to get your way. 

All the best, little boy, you are taking us on quite a joy ride and we are all in for the wild ride. 

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