Sunday, October 29, 2017

7QTs - Soccer, SwimJitsu, Shot

Linking up with Kelly and co... as I continue to be about 2 weeks behind the times 


Ms soccer season wrapped up with lot of success... 

I think she finished off with 6+ goals and we still owe her a trip to get ice cream!

A liked to hang with me but was always most interested in snack time 

Jibbe and Aunt Mary came to the rescue more than once to help corral kids

My fearless Assistant Coach / hang out at our goal to give the players a target

The goal scorer

My roll-around-in-the-grasser


Look at his hair?!?!?!?

I cannot believe we actually let it get that long / look like that. So weird looking back in retrospect. 


The weekend Lee was sick I took E and R to SwimJitsu...

More on that later?  Maybe... 

It was interesting to say the least. 


Sweet little C... 

My one and only resident thumbsucker... She so cute : ) She got quite the personality and can get super chatty when she realizes you aren't listening to her

Not a thumbsucker forever though because E already has an orthodontist referral?!?!? WOWZA... at age 7...  We'll see how that goes. At least that consult is FREE!


The weather has been beyond nice so we've had some time outside...

A likes to play with the weeds I've pulled

My shoeless little boy

These girls really do play quite well with each other

Twirling in the sun


Because I am such a nice mom I scheduled A's 2 yr check up the day after his birthday

He did okay with his shot but I still wanted to take him out for a treat anyways because I can and because C was with Lee so it was just us and because he's stinking cute. He kept on asking for KAY-K KAY-K so brownies was the closest topping I could find. 

Pretty sure he wasn't too disappointed


In other R randomness... 

This is how R wears her school headband... ALL THE TIME...

She had a pocket full of acorns from the playground and still more that didn't make it out until clothes were washed. 

Told you (about the headband)

It happened to be a little chilly at one of R's tee ball games so she ran home with her arms in her shirt and I was quite convinced she was going to fall flat on her face and not have her arms out to catch herself!

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