Saturday, October 7, 2017

7QTs - Dr, ER, RR


Sickness report from the last 2 weeks:

An afternoon a couple weeks ago I was SURE that A had an ear infection. He woke up from his nap clingy (nothing new) and on fire. I teetered over taking him to the doctor but I ended up going because 
A. I was sure it was his ear and 
B. I was terrified of an ear diagnosis because any more ear incidents would likely earn us a FastPass to the ENT for tube. 

Well we rolled in there with me and A and C, I was nursing C with A clung onto to me for dear life - he is pitiful when he's sick. Finally it was moment of truth and.... "his ears are the best I've ever seen them". 

Oh the irony of it all. Ear infection parents unite. I can totally see if you have a kid with chronic ear infections why you immediately run to the doctor. I never understood until now.

In other thriller-ish illness news, M woke up sick in the middle of the night last Friday morning - like that kind of sick. She's a pitiful sick-y too. I was sure everyone was going to get the stomach bug and the whole house would succumb.... but everyone else escaped unscathed.


An addendum to the sicky report.... yesterday Lee woke me up saying his back pain (from work - hello never ending pool season : ) had taken a turn to his stomach. Well he decided not to wait for his doctor's office to open and headed straight for the ER. Hello chaotic morning of dropping kids off, worrying about him, not going to the ER because C is small... Another praise report - it wasn't terribly serious, just diverticulitis. A few antibiotics and pain meds plus a change in diet and hopefully he won't be too worse for the wear. 


During one of E's swim practices we patronized the park like so... 

I think if I had to tote A around on my back all the time I'd be back to my pre-preg weight in a week. Also he thinks he's supposed to ride in the Beco all the time now... but he's not. 

Swing love

Stroller love


He's so cute : ) and turning 2 next week!

A zonked out after the playground. He is so stinkin cute but he can drive me totally nuts at the same time. I think it might be time to cut his hair but I cannot bear the thought of baby boy looking like little boy. 



This picture is worth a thousand words...

The Nini + her thumb = makes me sad the lady who made the Nini isn't here to see C


Okay this post is insanely old because these book are due in a day... 

Rainbow Fairy Heaven

39 books checked out... I think about 20 were Fairies. E wanted to leave the library immediately after the fairies were found but I dragged her through the other aisles of books and low and behold - there are other books out there she likes!


As promised: 

R's art. I think I love the H the most. Also, the D'neilian or whatever kind of script they use - the Ks are the worst. Not a fan. 


Sports keep going along...

R is making some good strides in hitting a ball being thrown to her which is actually helping her when she hits of a tee ( They get 3 or 5 pitches and then the ball is placed on a tee). I'm excited for her. There will be batting lessons available in the winter so I'd love to sign her up for some so she can be a little more confident in the spring - if she decides to play because you know she is NEVER doing tee ball again according to her. 

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