Tuesday, June 12, 2018

E is Eight

(long overdue so here goes...)

Waffles were the breakfast request of choice

The book in your hand pretty much sums up a lot about you. You are a total bookworm (probably because you do not own an electronic device, much to your disappointment). You stay up so late reading books it is inspiring. You will come down well past 10 on a school night to tell us you've finished a book - an I know on more than one occasion you have come down only to find us asleep already. And your shoes are tied! For the LOVE - you shoes are tied. They are rarely tied (ehem.... you have an excellent role model for untied shoes - I'm working on that). It is actually a sticking point that you shoes must REALLY ACTUALLY be tied before you get out of the van. 

You are bright and caring and you love to give us kisses goodnight. You like to play with A when no one else is around and you like to help with C and get her ready for bed. You are begging for chores and I've been giving you more daily chores to do and it has been a huge help (to me). You like to help especially when you know I need it. I think you have a sense when things are stressful around the house and that's when you like to step up. 

Your dislikes include: dogs and thunderstorms and any form of natural disaster - hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, cyclones, earthquakes - we've talked about them all. You are a worrier and get nervous about random stuff (imagine where you get that from). We try and talk you through a lot of it but you kind of just have to experience it just to know you are good. 

This was a big year: AHG camp, 2nd grade, first confession, help coached M's soccer team, finished the 500 a few times in swimming, played soccer and scored a goal if I am not mistaken. It was a good year. It was fun to watch you this year. 

We shall see what this year holds but I am sure it will be great as you continue to grow in your faith and confidence. 

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